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Chameleon Conversion Company produces the


 Chameleon SQ 

The Conversion kit to change your snowmobile into an ATV that you can ride on 

any terrain, 365 days a year!







Front & rear brakes
Radiator cooling with fan
Stock front suspension - caster/camber adjustable
14" rear suspension travel - compression & rebound adjustable
50/50 front-rear weight bias results in smooth ride with excellent weight transfer on acceleration while maintaining steering control
Wide choice of tires in the industry to suit any terrain - dirt, sand, mud, pavement, etc.
Wider stance and longer wheel base than conventional ATV's provide for a very stable ride.




Contact Information:

Chameleon Conversion Company

Kent Peterson President

PO Box 174

LaMoure, ND 58458

Telephone: 701-883-4289 or 800-239-2466



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Last modified: 01/22/06